Why Duane?

  • Excessive unemployment.
  • Highest taxes in the Southeast.
  • Increased debt.
  • Not enough conservatives to over-ride the governor's vetos...

Do you remember Voter ID?

Donate Now!For 140 years of Democrat rule, North Carolina evolved into a state with high taxes, high unemployment, and high debt that harbors illegals, punishes entrepreneurship and fails our students. We've made positive steps in the last year, but we have a long way to go.We needed 72 votes to over-ride the governor's veto, but only had 68. Can you believe that none of our 'conservative' democrat friends would cross the aisle to vote for a bill supported by 84% of North Carolinians? (ref.)

Help Duane win this open seat so that we can get North Carolina back on track!

Bring more jobs to North Carolina
Duane has worked with finances in several small businesses across North Carolina - businesses that employed anywhere from 6-100 people each. He knows from personal experience that small businesses are the engine of our economy.

The inheritance we leave to our children should not be one of unemployment and debt. I’m involved because our children deserve a better future than the one the politicians are giving them.”-Duane

Right now, North Carolina has a tax system that punishes entrepreneurs and makes it difficult to create new jobs. Before the recession, we paid the highest taxes in the southeast. But after the recession hit, the Democrats in Raleigh actually raised our taxes by a billion dollars! Did they really think higher taxes would create more jobs?

What can the government do to get N.C. working again? It can start by getting out of the way! The best way to create more jobs is to free job-creators like small businesses from having to pay the highest taxes in the southeast. Then we can get the government out of your wallet and so you can keep more of the money you earn. And we can stop giving unfair handouts to billion-dollar corporations like Dell and pass those savings on to our local small businesses.

Stop Spending!
It's not enough to just lower taxes. Our state government has to spend less, and the money it does spend has to spent more efficiently. Duane's family has had to tighten its belt during this recession just like yours. Is it too much to ask that our state government do the same?
As your state representative, Duane will push for a spending moratorium until the economy is back on track. He'll also look for waste and fraud in government spending. It's time politicians started treating your tax dollars with a little more respect.

Curb Illegal Immigration
Duane understands why anyone would want to come to America. It truly is the land of opportunity. However, there is a legal and right way to do it. The hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants residing in North Carolina are costing taxpayers untold millions. If we stop giving illegals money to come here, they'll go somewhere else and the good citizens of North Carolina will have a better opportunity to provide for their families.

Clean up State Government
Duane's parents taught him the value of hard work, good character, honesty, and never sacrificing his principles. Wouldn't it be nice if his parents could take some of our state politicians to the woodshed and remind them of those ideals.

Jim Black, Michael Decker, Meg Scott Phipps, Frank Ballance, Thomas Wright, and now Mike Easley. All either in prison or under investigation. Now Beverly Perdue is having to answer questions about possible fundraising violations. And the politicians expect you to believe that if you just send them back for another two years they can pass new laws to police themselves? Please!

It's time we got North Carolina's government working again. The best way to do that is to kick out the career politicians who've turned it into a cesspool.

Fight the Federal Health Care Takeover
The first stages of Obamacare are starting to be implemented. At the same time, arguments are scheduled to be heard in the Supreme Court to determine if it's even Constitutional! Imagine a Congress passing such a questionable law!

Well, Duane can't do much about Washington, D.C., but he knows that the state of North Carolina has the right to protect itself against this debacle. Duane will work on your behalf to ensure it doesn't take root here!

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